A few years before, the functionality of Instagram algorithms was quite simple due to engagement and visibility. However, it has gone through major changes and moved to a relatively more complex system. Now, Instagram algorithms detect which posts are quality-oriented and which are not. The ones that are quality-oriented get more priority over others in the Instagram feed and more exposure to people. Instagram identifies the quality of the posts based on the number of likes, comments, and shares a post receives. The more likes, comments, and shares it receives, the more exposure it will enjoy.

Posting consistently is the key to beat it!

Many people ask about how they can beat this strategy of Instagram algorithms working about giving more exposure to quality posts. The only way to do so is to post consistently. When a person keeps on posting various stuff on Instagram on a more frequent basis, his posts start getting more engagement and more responses from his followers. Due to this, Instagram algorithms detect that these posts are quality posts and start bringing them on top and enhance their visibility to more people. In this way, Instagram detects which account is a quality account and which is not. Therefore, make sure to post content more frequently and consistently if you want to get more engagement and visibility.

Instagram Algorithms also determine your relationship with your followers!

Not only do the Instagram algorithms detect quality accounts by the level of engagement of posts but also identifies your relationship with your followers. If you comment, like, or share your followers’ content more frequently, the Instagram consider these followers in your friend/family relationship and show you their content or your content to them on a priority basis. In the same way, Instagram algorithms also detect your Instagram usage patterns by your comments on other people’s profiles and your replies to the direct messages.

Conversation by Comments, Timeliness, and Audience Insights

Instagram algorithms consider your comments as your conversation with your followers. To make Instagram algorithms think that you have a positive and engaging relationship with your followers, make sure to actively comment and respond in a conversational tone on the posts of your followers. It will give regular alerts to the Instagram algorithms that you are engaged with your followers.

Not only the content, but Instagram algorithms also check the timeliness for your posts. It checks how often you post and what it the time difference between your two posts along with checking its engagement. The best way to beat the algorithms here is to post at a time when the majority of your followers are online so that they can give maximum comments and likes to your posts. It will give a message to Instagram that your posts are popular among people and it will start showing it to more people.

Dealing with sorting of posts

Instagram algorithms regularly check your activity on your account and start showing you the posts by sorting it based on your usage patterns. To control this, you need to start using Instagram more frequently and stay tuned with every hit post and show your engagement into your followers’ posts. In this way, Instagram would start to sort out your posts the same way and make them visible to others more frequently.

Staying alert with your followers while using the mute button

Instagram also keeps a track of the people that you are following and shows you the content of those that have a good relationship with you. You can take advantage of this feature and identify that which are those followers whose posts are not being shown to you more frequently. If you don’t want to see their posts regularly or more often, you can use the mute button to give a message to Instagram that you don’t want to see their posts but still want to follow them. However, keep in mind that you can still see the posts of those mute accounts by visiting their profile pages. Muting them doesn’t mean that you unfollow them or can’t see their posts.

Analyzing your account usage statistics and changing it

With Instagram, you can also change the type of content and posts that you are seeing on your Instagram feed. To do so, analyze your account usage statistics and start spending time in finding and seeing the content that you want to see in your feed. As Instagram algorithms check your previous seeing history to show you the next posts, they will start showing you the new content based on your account usage preferences.